Borderlands and my love of random gear

I’m just going to take a second to talk about my one of my favorite kinds of games. I love RPG’s but mostly, RPG’s with loot drops that make you feel like paradise. If you have ever played Borderlands then you know what I mean, there is a game on ios&android called Zenonia that plays off of random monster drops too. However I will be focusing my attention more on Borderlands.

Borderlands is great because not only does it give you your power-up skill tree, but a choice of whatever equipment you want with plenty of variations per equipment. You can choose grenades that deal decent damage but heal you for the damage done, you can pick grenades that teleport to wherever you aim and you can even pick grenades that blow into more grenades! Okay okay I’m getting ahead of myself here, all weapons equipment and stuff are ranked with a color.

Level 1 = White, rarity = 0-4.
Level 2 = Green, rarity = 5-10.
Level 3 = Blue, rarity = 11-15.
Level 4 = Purple, rarity = 16-49.
Level 5 = Light Orange, rarity = 50-60.
Level 6 = Orange, rarity = 61-65.
Level 7 = Dark Orange, rarity = 66-100.
Level 8 = Pearlescent, rarity = 101+

The beautiful part is you can get these drops from anyone you fight, though certain enemies grant higher probablility for better gear. This system constantly encourages boss raids and challenging youself with tougher enemies because you are always in search of that lucky orange drop! Purple drops and even blue feel good too but seeing an orange made my day everytime.

So what am I trying to get at here? If anyone sees this and has a say in how a game will be made please figure out a way to implement this system! Even when you are done and beat the game you will always crave better gear and subsequently you will play more. I just beat a wonderful Iphone game called Battleheart Legacy but…. I beat it. I got all the equipment and im really freakin strong. Not much incentive to play it anymore, but I can tell you for certain if there were ways to get better gear and maybe challenger tougher foes with that gear i’d be all over it.

Pride as a Planet

Here’s some food for thought:

I watched a video earlier today about astronauts and their changed viewpoints of the world after going into space and seeing our earth from a different perspective. They called it the “Overview Effect” and opened my eyes a little more to how amazing our planet is. It also made me think this extremely improbable thought: What if every human on earth gained a sort of “earth pride” for the world we live in? Instead of “US is the best!” we’d see everyone on different continents saying “Earth is the best”! It would unify humanity so much more to have a common denominator to be proud of!

The astronauts also talked about how they experienced a deeper understanding of how the earth is so fragile and that we ought to treat it better. So I came up with the idea to send all of our politicians and major authorities in the world up into space to develop a common ground of saving the world. If we as the human race poured all the resources we allocate towards military (not police) into finding sustainable, environmentally friendly sources of energy, I’m sure we could find a replacement to fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint. How great would that be? 

You can find the video here

Call of Duty Title

My Suggestion for Future Call of Duty Titles

Let me start by saying I really enjoy Call of Duty. I get every game that comes out and I definitely get my money’s worth of game time. This article is not a review of every title hence the beginning talking about the latest release. The last game: Call of Duty Ghosts, had a pretty good campaign even though it was short and left a little more to be desired from it. That was made up by the many hours I spent with friends on extinction which was an upgrade from the standard zombies. The pros of Ghosts was the addition of Riley the dog, and the replacement of zombies with an alien invasion (as random as that is). Despite these pros though, the graphics weren’t quite what I was expecting from the new Xbox One’s capabilities which is actually a common disappointment with COD games.

Riley the Call of Duty Ghosts Dog



Something I didn’t really go into much was the multiplayer. Matchmaking remained fast paced and normal with the addition of a new care package system and map-specific rewards. Some of these were pretty cool but the satellite crash package on “Whiteout” was a thorough disappointment. Me getting it for the first time: “I wonder what this map’s thing is?! *Calls it in* …… Okay………. So I didn’t get any kills…. oh wait what is this thing it wasn’t here before……. so if I get a foot away from it my radar gets blocked….. I guess that’s kind of neat”  However, it was made up for by the “Strikezone” map package. Me again reacting to it: “Woah I got it! *calls it in*….. OMG ITS A NUKE!!! I got 6 kills!!!…… a;lskdfja;lsdkj THE MAP CHANGED!!!! Damn that is awesome level design!”  While all of this sounds great and dandy the game is easily able to get old quickly and when you are having a bad day (in terms of gaming) it can be very frustrating to die a bunch and only kill like 12 people in one game. This is where the adjustments can come in to help keep a larger population of gamers happier than usual.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Graphic








Judging from the recent trailer released for Advanced Warfare ( it almost looks like Sledgehammer is taking it to the next level with more futuristic attributes to weaponry and armor. The robotic arm extensions and leg extensions look sick and I was a little disappointed/excited when I saw the mini robo suit (titanfall came out pretty recently). The graphics don’t look as astounding as I always hope they will but this game looks like it has potential for an exciting new campaign and maybe a different approach to multiplayer similar to titanfall. In any case when I was reading some comments below the video I thought up and idea that will not make as much money as releasing a COD game every year; but instead it will give the series a much more respected and higher tier status among first person shooters.

Popular Concerns and Suggestions For The Future of Call of Duty

The thought I came up with was addressing these concerns: No one likes paying the same price of the game for the probably already completed map packs that they periodically release, graphics never experience that big of an improvement, campaigns are sometimes too short or not as good as they can be, and multiplayer remains only for those who are good enough to play it. My idea was this: Plan on releasing a game every 2 years to focus on quality, add more maps and content so that people won’t feel ripped off, improve graphics, add new dynamic modes of multiplayer in addition to old school style run and gun play, and charge 20-30$ more than usual with emphasis on all of the included content. By “dynamic modes” I mean actual missions that utilize multiplayer for both sides. (Example would be a blitzkrieg style mode where a team has to make it to a certain location in time carry out an assassination or other objective. The game would start with one team walking in from a random break room and the other repelling down from a helicopter. After that the two teams would soon engage in combat and the team that was dropped would have to try to make it to multiple check points with time limits starting each time they make it to a new one eventually leading them to the area where the person is they have to kill. The other team can actually block and interact with the person (at that stage) and then the game ends if they are able to escort him to a helicopter to get away. It would have to be a reasonable distance with him moving at a slow speed so that it wasn’t too cheap.)  I wanted to offer that example so that no one can just think that I am absentmindedly making suggestions without actual examples to back them up.


Modern Woodworking Idea: Metal & Wood

Recently after reading an article about the difficulties of woodworking in modern society against such entities like IKEA, I thought of the perfect niche design. One of the most beautiful synergies with furniture and art design (sometimes one in the same) is metal & wood. These two elements mesh perfectly and almost always create a stunning piece of art when implemented together. Just check out these images I found of some products that have these attributes below.





Just absolutely gorgeous pieces right? Lots of individual-made furniture or art costs a lot of money because of all the time they put in to their products. I don’t have anything against them or believe they are unfairly priced, but when you can get something that is a little lower quality but a fraction of the price then I will have to go with the cheaper alternative since there sometimes aren’t many aesthetic differences. If I were to spend extra money on a piece of furniture I would want to go with something like the designs above because they are more unique than most pure wood designs. 


The Universe

What is god? & The Universe

Last night me and one of my best friends had one of my favorite kinds of discussions, philosophy about existence and the universe. While we were talking we got to a point where god naturally came into play. What is god? I believe god is energy. I also think that people believe in god because they need some sort of “end” to the mystery of why we, earth, our galaxy, the universe exists. As humans we crave cause and effect, we can’t stand to watch a movie and not know if the main character has achieved his goal. Even as kids we all want to know “why”, and if our parents can’t answer that question we get frustrated. So if you wonder why everything has happened that led up to the present you will never have a concrete answer. The big bang is something that I believe in and will get to later, but for now it is hard to comprehend why it might have occurred. However it is very easy to give something a blame for it.

God did it, he created everything and we are his chosen creations of consciousness. How comforting is that sentence? You now have a reason to be proud of your existence, have an end reason why everything happened, and don’t have to put energy into solving the biggest mystery of all! Unfortunately for me, I can’t accept that. In the grand scheme of things I have already accepted that my life really means nothing. If I died, the rest of the world will be unaffected, and if the earth died, the rest of the universe would be unaffected. I am a dot on a dot in a dot from the perspective of the whole universe. I don’t mind that though, I will live my life to its utmost potential and try my hardest to enjoy it. My friend on the other hand, can’t accept that. He admitted that since he knows he is so inconsequential, believing there is some form of god out there is comforting to him. Very wise of him to accept that, I admire him for it.

What about heaven and hell or any equivalent in religion? I think those are means of comfort to people who can’t stay sane when they think about death. Honestly it terrifies me and I wish I could believe in a “heaven”, but how likely is that? I think aside from being a good way to control a society and keep order through the basic principles of motivation/reward and fear/punishment, these places people believe they will go to after death are just means of comfort.

The final thing I have to say in this post is my opinion on the universe. I believe that the big bang did happen and that it is part of an unfathomably long lasting “cycle”. What happens is after the universe’s expansion comes to a stop, the outer-rim is actually a shell of black hole. So after it expands it starts to contract and when the whole entirety of the universe finally is compiled again, it blows up and repeats. It doesn’t seem too far fetched does it?

Life is crazy and no one knows why things happen the way they do. But if you don’t feel good thinking about how small you are on a universal scale, just remember: in terms of physics, you matter! =)

-(typed this on my iphone so if there are spelling mistakes you know why!)

Game of Thrones Wall Pun

Some Puns as Thanks

I honestly never thought I would get so many followers on this blog. I guess to most folks 20 people wouldn’t be considered a lot, but knowing that people are actually reading and enjoying things I have to say makes me feel happy. So I decided to make a quick small list of puns while I study for my Financial Management midterm! (I only made up the last 3, feel free to add more in the comments!)

1. An electron walks into a bar, sits down, and orders a long island ice tea.The bartender delivers the drink and says “don’t worry buddy, for you it’s free of charge”!


2. Last Monday police were called into a daycare and ended up arresting a 1 year old. They claimed the baby was resisting a rest.


3. A man leans over and finds a quarter on the ground with a big cut on it. The next day when finding exact change for his groceries a woman at the register says to him, “hey I swear I had that same coin with me a couple days ago, what a crazy coincidence!” The man reaches out to give her the money and says back, “It’s not a coincidence you idiot, it’s just common cents.”


4. I like to make up my own stories about male chickens. You know, cocktails?


5. Why are salmon the least spontaneous fish? They don’t like to go with the flow.


5 Items On My Bucketlist

I think everyone should makeup a bucket list to keep track of goals that they have set for themselves. A couple of these are dreams of mine and a couple are things I decided I really want to do. Who knows maybe one will inspire somebody!

1. Take a trip to Alaska and photograph the Aurora Borealis

Beautiful Picture of the Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights

Photo by Christopher Martin









2. Skydive in Hawaii or any tropical setting (would love to wing suit but it costs too much to get a license for that)

Skydiving in hawaii

Photo by Steven Zybert










3. Create my own original dubstep or techno song

Yeah this will probably be tough to learn...

Yeah this will probably be tough to learn…










4.Create a cetain type of product with magnets (don’t want to give away ideas so it will stay broad) 

This looks like a good image to depict a product design

This looks like a good image to depict a product design










5.Travel travel travel (I’ve only been outside the US once and visited 2 other states)