First Post

So this is my first post on an actual blog and I don’t really know what to say. I guess I can outline the purpose of why I’m actually doing this. If you google my full name “Robert Ramirez”, the top result is a guy who died from an overdose on meth. I don’t like my name being associated with that guy and the last thing I want is for a possible employer to have his/her mind tainted by the initial image of a dead druggy. That’s my purpose and I am hoping to post entertaining, thoughtful, and plain silly content for anyone who stumbles across this to enjoy. Oh and a little bit about me, I love video games, anime, contemporary things (except art), and technology. I have a girlfriend and I am currently a junior at Chapman University and a marketing intern at Laguna Tools!

P.S. I am shooting for at least one post a week so if I don’t post anything then yell at me!

Also if you get this reference you are awesome.

Zelda %22shall not pass%22


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