Titanfall is coming soon!


I didn’t even hear about Titanfall until the beta came out like a month ago and my friend told me “dude you’ve got to try this game! Here have a beta key” Of course upon being given a beta key for the game (realized later it was free for everyone on an Xbox One anyway) I had to play it. So here is my initial analysis of this game:

The introduction to the game is awesome. It is like a fps tutoring portal style level system in which each level introduces a new skill you have and then requires you to put it to use at the end. It not only just teaches you how to play the game in a cool way rather than giving little hints at the bottom of loading screens, it also makes you feel good about yourself. There was a moment where it teaches you how to shoot (I know how to shoot I’m a fps veteran) and when I only used one mag to take down all of the dummies in the range the computer voice said something along the lines of “You only needed one mag to complete this task, your marksman skills have been noted”. Damn. That made me feel proud.

In the actual multiplayer Titanfall incorporates something that I have never experienced before in a multiplayer match: bots. It mixes in a couple different difficulty leveled bots so that no matter what you get some kills. In a game of Call of Duty sometimes you may just be having a bad game and end up getting minimal kills as the coordinated enemy team figuratively mounts you from behind and has their way with you. In Titanfall even if that happens you still get the satisfaction from killing enemy bots! Additionally, in order to get a Titan to play in all you have to do is stay in the game for 3 minutes. Each kill and any damage to the enemy reduces the time it takes so no matter what each game you get to play as a titan. Overall each match always ends feeling somewhat fair.

Speaking of the end of the match, no matter if you win or lose the ending can be epic. You either try to find all the enemy pilots and kill them before they can escape or if you are on the losing team, you have to make it to the evac ship and fend off the winning team. 80% of the time if you make it to the evac ship it will take off and after a second you find yourself calmly drifting in space! It’s like okay I lost but that was freakin epic!

That’s all I got for now on Titanfall. I will be able to provide more detail after I get the full game on March 11th and play it through.


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