What is your favorite drink?


I’m not going to lie, I enjoy making cocktails for people. There’s no more fun to be had than being comfortably tipsy with good company enjoying drinks that you whip up for them. Most of the time I improvise with whatever juice, mixers, fruit, and alcohol I have at my disposal (which isn’t much) and hope for the best while taking sips in between to regulate. I tend to typically use lemonade to make citrus-ey cocktails but sometimes I go a sweet route. I had one recent invention I made up for my 21st birthday party which disappeared before everyone could even show up so I guess it was a success. (I’ll put the recipe below)

Anyways, the purpose of this post is to gather feedback from anyone on what your favorite drink is! I have to say mine is the slightly augmented Adios Motherf***er. Recipe for that usually being 1oz Gin 1oz Vodka 1oz Silver Tequila 1oz Light Rum 1.5oz Blue Curacao 1.5oz Sweet & Sour and like 3-4oz of Sprite. Sometimes I even put Everclear in it to make it more potent and still somehow tasty. But I want to try making  a wider variety of drinks that people actually suggest and love! So leave your feedback in the comments and we’ll see which drinks are the most popular!

The recipe I made fit into slightly less than a 1 gallon container and consisted of Red Bull, a Vodgin infusion, some Sprite, lemons, and raspberry lemonade. For the Vodgin infusion which made up about a third of the mixture I infused raspberrys, cut up lemons, and cut up strawberries for a day in a hybrid alcohol of half gin half vodka, and left the lemons in slightly longer. End Result being:

  • 1/3 Vodgin Infusion
  • 1/3 Raspberry Lemonade
  • 1/3 Sprite
  • 1 Small can of Red Bull
  • Cut up lemons to make it pretty


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