3 Quick tips on how to market to me

Marketing Strategy

In this piece I will be talking about what strategies to use to get me interested in a product or company.

1. They let me come to them. This is one of the most important things a company can do for me to hold them in high esteem. Once the first pop up or extremely obnoxious sidebar ad comes on when I go on a website I immediately generate a bias against that company. Now that I have Adblock though I don’t need to worry about that.

2. Nothing looks better than a company that interacts with it’s customer base. Whenever I see a company representative addressing a concern that a customer complains or inquires about it gives off the impression they actually care. It seems like companies tend to usually ignore and not care about unsatisfied or curious customers. Some don’t even reply when you send them emails! Sure they are busy I get that, but if you can take the time to monitor your social media platforms then I will definitely feel safe purchasing from you.

3. They provide the information I need to feel confident in buying their product. This is the essence of content marketing. When a company provides me with thorough information for the product I’m buying I am a happy camper.

That’s it for now I just wanted to do a quick little excerpt on marketing so I hope you got something out of it! If you want to share what you think makes for good marketing just leave a comment below!


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