Just Go For a Walk!

The other day I felt like walking to class. Sure the walk from my apartment to college is 15-20 minutes away, I just felt like it. I think I made a good decision too, not putting my headphones in and just observing the world. Kono sekai ha sugoi desune? This world is amazing isn’t it? People are just so interesting. Of course on any other day depending on my mood I could be ranting why people are so inherently evil but this day was different. 
As I walked I did the male trademark “nod” to some guy walking by, I said hello to a rumbly old man, heard two teens walking by say “damn that shit looks good” in reference to my bagel, and just enjoyed the weather. It was nice and is the reason I like to go on walks to begin with. When I bike or drive somewhere I zone out and only focus on the road so I never notice anything. Even if I walk with headphones I still kind of zone out when walking. The point being if you ever feel the urge, just go for a walk because you will notice something new every time and might just gain a new appreciation for the environment around you that you might take for granted. 


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