The Universe

What is god? & The Universe

Last night me and one of my best friends had one of my favorite kinds of discussions, philosophy about existence and the universe. While we were talking we got to a point where god naturally came into play. What is god? I believe god is energy. I also think that people believe in god because they need some sort of “end” to the mystery of why we, earth, our galaxy, the universe exists. As humans we crave cause and effect, we can’t stand to watch a movie and not know if the main character has achieved his goal. Even as kids we all want to know “why”, and if our parents can’t answer that question we get frustrated. So if you wonder why everything has happened that led up to the present you will never have a concrete answer. The big bang is something that I believe in and will get to later, but for now it is hard to comprehend why it might have occurred. However it is very easy to give something a blame for it.

God did it, he created everything and we are his chosen creations of consciousness. How comforting is that sentence? You now have a reason to be proud of your existence, have an end reason why everything happened, and don’t have to put energy into solving the biggest mystery of all! Unfortunately for me, I can’t accept that. In the grand scheme of things I have already accepted that my life really means nothing. If I died, the rest of the world will be unaffected, and if the earth died, the rest of the universe would be unaffected. I am a dot on a dot in a dot from the perspective of the whole universe. I don’t mind that though, I will live my life to its utmost potential and try my hardest to enjoy it. My friend on the other hand, can’t accept that. He admitted that since he knows he is so inconsequential, believing there is some form of god out there is comforting to him. Very wise of him to accept that, I admire him for it.

What about heaven and hell or any equivalent in religion? I think those are means of comfort to people who can’t stay sane when they think about death. Honestly it terrifies me and I wish I could believe in a “heaven”, but how likely is that? I think aside from being a good way to control a society and keep order through the basic principles of motivation/reward and fear/punishment, these places people believe they will go to after death are just means of comfort.

The final thing I have to say in this post is my opinion on the universe. I believe that the big bang did happen and that it is part of an unfathomably long lasting “cycle”. What happens is after the universe’s expansion comes to a stop, the outer-rim is actually a shell of black hole. So after it expands it starts to contract and when the whole entirety of the universe finally is compiled again, it blows up and repeats. It doesn’t seem too far fetched does it?

Life is crazy and no one knows why things happen the way they do. But if you don’t feel good thinking about how small you are on a universal scale, just remember: in terms of physics, you matter! =)

-(typed this on my iphone so if there are spelling mistakes you know why!)

Game of Thrones Wall Pun

Some Puns as Thanks

I honestly never thought I would get so many followers on this blog. I guess to most folks 20 people wouldn’t be considered a lot, but knowing that people are actually reading and enjoying things I have to say makes me feel happy. So I decided to make a quick small list of puns while I study for my Financial Management midterm! (I only made up the last 3, feel free to add more in the comments!)

1. An electron walks into a bar, sits down, and orders a long island ice tea.The bartender delivers the drink and says “don’t worry buddy, for you it’s free of charge”!


2. Last Monday police were called into a daycare and ended up arresting a 1 year old. They claimed the baby was resisting a rest.


3. A man leans over and finds a quarter on the ground with a big cut on it. The next day when finding exact change for his groceries a woman at the register says to him, “hey I swear I had that same coin with me a couple days ago, what a crazy coincidence!” The man reaches out to give her the money and says back, “It’s not a coincidence you idiot, it’s just common cents.”


4. I like to make up my own stories about male chickens. You know, cocktails?


5. Why are salmon the least spontaneous fish? They don’t like to go with the flow.


5 Items On My Bucketlist

I think everyone should makeup a bucket list to keep track of goals that they have set for themselves. A couple of these are dreams of mine and a couple are things I decided I really want to do. Who knows maybe one will inspire somebody!

1. Take a trip to Alaska and photograph the Aurora Borealis

Beautiful Picture of the Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights

Photo by Christopher Martin









2. Skydive in Hawaii or any tropical setting (would love to wing suit but it costs too much to get a license for that)

Skydiving in hawaii

Photo by Steven Zybert










3. Create my own original dubstep or techno song

Yeah this will probably be tough to learn...

Yeah this will probably be tough to learn…










4.Create a cetain type of product with magnets (don’t want to give away ideas so it will stay broad) 

This looks like a good image to depict a product design

This looks like a good image to depict a product design










5.Travel travel travel (I’ve only been outside the US once and visited 2 other states)


Video Games

Why Non-Gamers Can’t Understand Gamers

I was reading a comment section under an article about the ESA study on demographics of gamers and something caught my attention. One person simply stated the obvious saying even though only 19% of gamers are boys under 17, society as a whole still tends to believe video games are silly toys that aren’t for adults. I really resonated with the comment that person left and now I’m pretty bothered that video games haven’t been culturally accepted yet. Maybe it’s because my girlfriend and her whole family is just like that. She always acts like my games are just silly things that I, for some absurd reason enjoy. When I told her that I consider video games to be one of my passions she said that they don’t count as a passion, just a hobby.

Why do people still think like that? If 58% of Americans play video games then you would think that they would adjust to the times and let video games have the respect they deserve. The reason that my girlfriend feels the way she does is because in reality for probably 99% of gamers we don’t get paid for playing games. Technically in the real world the games we play don’t have any tangible gains. But what is never taken into account or given enough credit are the feelings that our games give us. There is a certain satisfaction with conquering that tough level, or finally getting that awesome weapon you’ve been after. This satisfactory feeling is my theory to why people can have views similar to my girlfriend’s about video games.

The satisfaction and relief gained from finally beating the water temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is incredible. It is literally one of the most confusing, long, and arduous temples in all of Zelda history.  However, this feeling cannot by reciprocated with non-gamers. The amount of time you put in to achieving a goal in a game and the times you failed along the way add up to make the end result something special. You can’t do the same kind of thing in the real world. An argument could be working hard for something and finally achieving a promotion or raise etc. but if you fail along the way you risk getting fired or not even being able to try again. In the real world mistakes aren’t always tolerated and you can’t undo things you have messed up. In a game, dying and failing result in you just getting disappointed or mad and starting over again. When you start that part over you analyze what you did wrong, correct those mistakes, think of creative new ways to accomplish your task, and execute them to progress. This can be a one-time thing or a ten-time thing but no matter what, in the end you get through it.

The only message I want to leave you with is that people who don’t play video games need to get the idea that they are not “for nerdy kids who never leave their room and become unhealthy”, rather they are for people who enjoy escaping the real world to experience things they could not otherwise experience. But if you can find a place for me to go and gain powers, explore new worlds, be a main character, and do whatever I want, I may agree that video games are a waste of time.

The Future of Gaming and Virtual Reality

This is something that has been on my mind recently when looking at the development of the Oculus Rift. I wonder how things will change for gamers with significant others that may not also be into gaming. (For those who don’t know what that is and are reading this, the Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality headset thing that straps over your head and tracks where you look to the screen inside. You can check it out here.) There are many couples out there already that are put under pressure because of video games. People don’t like when they are ignored for a game or if they can’t provide the same entertainment factor that a game can. There is just something about being able to do things you can’t in normal life that is extremely fulfilling when playing video games. But right now it is relatively easy to get someone’s attention who is playing a game by stepping in front of the screen or motioning in someones peripheral. How frustrating would it be to literally not be able to get a gamers attention without taking off their VR and consequentially making them upset? That is what I am scared of for the future. Don’t get me wrong though, the idea of virtual reality for gaming makes me extremely excited to be able to become even more immersed in amazing new worlds. This is my gamer side, but my realist side is also thinking where do we cross the line from recreational gaming to lifestyle gaming? Basically, living in the real world and enjoying video games, to living in your video games and tolerating the real world. As much as I would love to do the latter I know that isn’t really socially acceptable, I wouldn’t make any money, my body would deteriorate, and I would definitely lose the love of my life. So I guess the real “question” here is should people strive to create even more immersive fantasy worlds at the expense of the one we physically live in?

Dog and Cat Best Friends

What do you look for in a friend?

Have you ever thought about traits you look for in a friend? I recently tried to pin it down and my guess was based off of relatable interests and just “chemistry”. Of course I hypothesized about more than that and got pretty specific but my thoughts can be overwhelming to try to type out especially without the psychology based data to back it. I thought it would be interesting to start a poll where people could specify their top 3 attributes for someone to have and then anyone who views this will be able to see how strangers feel.