New Infusions and a Killer Mojito Variant


Fruit Infused alcohol

My infusions

For above photo in order from left to right.

  • Light Rum + Cucumber + Mint
  • Gin + Cherry Cranberries + Limes
  • Vodka + Kiwis + Strawberries

If you need inspiration for an infusion idea or just want to learn about a few good ones you have come to the right place! The rum infusion I made is what I use in what I think is my new favorite drink: a mojito. The glory of it is that you can use double the amount in the original recipe and it will still taste delicious. Since it is so good I’ll go over that one first. I’ll list it in steps:

Rum Cucumber and Mint infusion

Rum Infusion!

  1. Fill glass container about 3/5 of the way with light rum
  2. For this size jar in the picture I used 3/4 of a cucumber, skinned and cut into thick wheels
  3.  Gather about a full handful of mint leaves, wash gently and dab to get most of the water off
  4. Put cucumber and mint into container and then fill to top with more rum
  5. Shake every once in awhile for the duration of 1 to 1.5 days (you’ll probably shake it about 5 times, just whenever you see it)
  6. Strain and enjoy!


The gin combination is surprisingly refreshing as I only mixed it with 4 parts sprite and the initial taste was strange but the aftertaste was amazing and refreshing. With a little tweaking I’m sure an amazing recipe can be created for it. I made it by combining gin with probably two full handfulls of cherry cranberries. (I cut each one in half to bring out more of the flavor) and then cut thick slices of lime. Infused for a day and a half.

Kiwi Strawberry Vodka Infusion

Vodka Infusion


Finally I have yet to use the vodka infusion because i’m saving it for a good occasion. It smells amazing but I will have to update this post when I have actually tried it in a drink. To make it I skinned and cut a kiwi into slightly thick sections and just washed and cut the end off the strawberries then cut them in half. I left them if for a day.




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