Self Branding & New Marketers


As I take MKTG 405: Internet Marketing I have been thinking more and more about “Self Branding” and how social media can affect your future. Sure not everyone out there wants to be a marketer but for those of us who do, it is very important to maintain a good internet presence. There is a website called Klout that puts a score on everyone who is a part of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter according to how many people they reach. I personally don’t have a problem with it since I have an average score. But what about those people who don’t really do the social media scene? Is it fair for some employers to pick another candidate for a position over them because they have a stronger internet presence? (Leave your opinions in the comments! I’m interested to see what people think)


It is common sense now to create a somewhat positive image for yourself on your media by not swearing or posting offense content. It is crazy how much people can find out about you if they just check what you have been up to online. You can check out this prank on youtube where a guy starts talking to people he has never met before about their personal lives and they get freaked out. The point of all this being: if a stranger can find out about you, so can a potential employer. So if you want a better chance at getting a job or just don’t want to threaten your career don’t post things ignorantly. In addition to that posting inspiring content and material that gets people to comment in a positive way will increase your chances of getting a job with an internet background check.


Learn everything you can that is related to marketing. Trust me, the company I am working at right now has their marketing department managing all social media, SEO, coding, website design, analytics, graphic design, and more. So far I have learned about Netsuite (ERP program), Pardot, and I am dedicating myself to learning Adobe so that I can help out with website design and related material. When you learn everything or acquire a solid list of skills you can use that to brand yourself as a higher level marketer. I guess that’s all I have to say for now, time to get to learning adobe…


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