5 Items On My Bucketlist

I think everyone should makeup a bucket list to keep track of goals that they have set for themselves. A couple of these are dreams of mine and a couple are things I decided I really want to do. Who knows maybe one will inspire somebody!

1. Take a trip to Alaska and photograph the Aurora Borealis

Beautiful Picture of the Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights

Photo by Christopher Martin









2. Skydive in Hawaii or any tropical setting (would love to wing suit but it costs too much to get a license for that)

Skydiving in hawaii

Photo by Steven Zybert










3. Create my own original dubstep or techno song

Yeah this will probably be tough to learn...

Yeah this will probably be tough to learn…










4.Create a cetain type of product with magnets (don’t want to give away ideas so it will stay broad) 

This looks like a good image to depict a product design

This looks like a good image to depict a product design










5.Travel travel travel (I’ve only been outside the US once and visited 2 other states)



3 thoughts on “5 Items On My Bucketlist

  1. A Voice says:

    “4.Create a product ”

    There are a few words that make me cringe due to how people use it, like ‘whatever’. But to the best of my knowledge the only word that makes me angry is ‘product’. This is because it’s used to all but arbitrarily designate any given thing whatever and the use of the term conditions expectations, expectations which are getting lower by the day.

    Consider first the term ‘good’ (as in ‘goods’) in place of ‘product’. While seemingly interchangeable, the term ‘good’ implicitly denotes that the thing in question is in some way positive, helpful, otherwise…well, good. The term ‘product’, on the other hand, implies merely that the thing in question has been manufactured. Semantics are important, language is important.

    Next, consider that the term ‘product’ is remarkably sterile and, as mentioned above, implies nothing at all about the given thing, now how it will work or whether it will work. In fact the only that really modifies ‘product’ are class descriptors and those are often just as sterile, such as ‘soft drink beverage product’. No statement of quality is implied in ‘product’ and as such no expectations are implied save, of course, in the presence of those oft-sterile descriptors.

    Finally, consider how much more meaningful naming a given thing is instead using sterile terminology. For example, I can call each poem I write a ‘product’ or more specifically a ‘literary product’ but that doesn’t really say much. Calling a poem a poem and using a few relevant terms to describe it is probably the best thing I can do. The same follows for just about anything else that Man makes…however that necessitates setting up expectations and potentially even failing them.

    I take umbrage with jargon and ‘product’ in particular so, please, take this as charitably as possible. It’s just…fuck, man, I think you see where I’m coming from. Just look at all the ‘products’ out there! As an artist (a poet) and a gamer I’m tired of hearing about and seeing products: I want to see and experience art and kickass games.

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