Some Puns as Thanks

I honestly never thought I would get so many followers on this blog. I guess to most folks 20 people wouldn’t be considered a lot, but knowing that people are actually reading and enjoying things I have to say makes me feel happy. So I decided to make a quick small list of puns while I study for my Financial Management midterm! (I only made up the last 3, feel free to add more in the comments!)

1. An electron walks into a bar, sits down, and orders a long island ice tea.The bartender delivers the drink and says “don’t worry buddy, for you it’s free of charge”!


2. Last Monday police were called into a daycare and ended up arresting a 1 year old. They claimed the baby was resisting a rest.


3. A man leans over and finds a quarter on the ground with a big cut on it. The next day when finding exact change for his groceries a woman at the register says to him, “hey I swear I had that same coin with me a couple days ago, what a crazy coincidence!” The man reaches out to give her the money and says back, “It’s not a coincidence you idiot, it’s just common cents.”


4. I like to make up my own stories about male chickens. You know, cocktails?


5. Why are salmon the least spontaneous fish? They don’t like to go with the flow.



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