Modern Woodworking Idea: Metal & Wood

Recently after reading an article about the difficulties of woodworking in modern society against such entities like IKEA, I thought of the perfect niche design. One of the most beautiful synergies with furniture and art design (sometimes one in the same) is metal & wood. These two elements mesh perfectly and almost always create a stunning piece of art when implemented together. Just check out these images I found of some products that have these attributes below.





Just absolutely gorgeous pieces right? Lots of individual-made furniture or art costs a lot of money because of all the time they put in to their products. I don’t have anything against them or believe they are unfairly priced, but when you can get something that is a little lower quality but a fraction of the price then I will have to go with the cheaper alternative since there sometimes aren’t many aesthetic differences. If I were to spend extra money on a piece of furniture I would want to go with something like the designs above because they are more unique than most pure wood designs. 



3 thoughts on “Modern Woodworking Idea: Metal & Wood

  1. A Voice says:

    We definitely live in an environment where quantity trumps quality and, truth be told, it’s something we learn from the teat. It’s so engrained that people have the notion of ‘what do you expect for x dollars’ and nevermind the value of x, it’s the power of a statement which seems to indicate more and more that there is a threshold where the buyer should hardly expect the thing they buy to function.

    And there’s something really warm and inviting about that melding of wood and metal, even when it looks stark and utilitarian, right? Something that says ‘this was made by the hands of Man, demonstrating the best we have to offer, and built to last’ and I think that’s really compelling. Given how long well-made furniture lasts, it would be fantastic if those who were in the business found a way to bring down prices so that they can say ‘well, we’re one-third or half-again as much as that industrialised piece of shit from Wal-Mart that’s going to fall apart in two years, but if you buy from us you’ll have it for twenty’.

    By way of a personal example, I actually found a nice wooden desk at, of all places, Wal-Mart in 2009. It’s simple, warm and fantastically sturdy -it’s survived several moves and across many states with not so much as a shimmy. I think that businesses can do it, well-made furniture, and bring prices down so that they are arguably competitive in the range I gestured to above. Much like a good-night’s sleep, it seems to me that people who own well-made things are able to find comfort in that their money was well-spent and begins to give back.

    • Well believe it or not there is a way to bring costs down and that is by investing in a CNC machine. It still takes hours but not to the same extent as purely handmade or even mostly with a bandsaw (provided you become familiar with a 3D CAD program). It’s an investment and also has unfortunately has the stigma that CNC-made furniture is not “hand-made”. I think it’s BS because individuals still put in the effort to make their own design for the product and the assembly and finishing touches are done by them as well.
      But I digress… I do find it fascinating how what used to be common things, in this case handmade furniture, have now become luxury items. Says a lot about how people will always have a pride and value for original things made by fellow individuals rather than corporations.

      P.S. If any of my grammar is bad in here or sentences don’t flow well it’s cause I have Game of Thrones on in the background.

      • A Voice says:

        “P.S. If any of my grammar is bad in here or sentences don’t flow well it’s cause I have Game of Thrones on in the background.”

        Tangents are part of the flow, and I’m going to take this one.

        I need to buy Seasons 2 and 3, however I do wonder what will happen with Martin’s writing. Between books 3 and 4 there was quite a lapse, so much so that I don’t believe I have the 4th book because I started to read through Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series for the second time and Jordan’s Wheel of Time series for…well, I’ve read Eye of the World about 14 times now so…yeah.

        I know that HBO is concerned and I think Martin is concerned as well. I hope that he’s able to put a cap on things before the television programme catches up and in a way that does the series justice. The first three books are just fantastic and the television programme is very true to the books.

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