My Suggestion for Future Call of Duty Titles

Let me start by saying I really enjoy Call of Duty. I get every game that comes out and I definitely get my money’s worth of game time. This article is not a review of every title hence the beginning talking about the latest release. The last game: Call of Duty Ghosts, had a pretty good campaign even though it was short and left a little more to be desired from it. That was made up by the many hours I spent with friends on extinction which was an upgrade from the standard zombies. The pros of Ghosts was the addition of Riley the dog, and the replacement of zombies with an alien invasion (as random as that is). Despite these pros though, the graphics weren’t quite what I was expecting from the new Xbox One’s capabilities which is actually a common disappointment with COD games.

Riley the Call of Duty Ghosts Dog



Something I didn’t really go into much was the multiplayer. Matchmaking remained fast paced and normal with the addition of a new care package system and map-specific rewards. Some of these were pretty cool but the satellite crash package on “Whiteout” was a thorough disappointment. Me getting it for the first time: “I wonder what this map’s thing is?! *Calls it in* …… Okay………. So I didn’t get any kills…. oh wait what is this thing it wasn’t here before……. so if I get a foot away from it my radar gets blocked….. I guess that’s kind of neat”  However, it was made up for by the “Strikezone” map package. Me again reacting to it: “Woah I got it! *calls it in*….. OMG ITS A NUKE!!! I got 6 kills!!!…… a;lskdfja;lsdkj THE MAP CHANGED!!!! Damn that is awesome level design!”  While all of this sounds great and dandy the game is easily able to get old quickly and when you are having a bad day (in terms of gaming) it can be very frustrating to die a bunch and only kill like 12 people in one game. This is where the adjustments can come in to help keep a larger population of gamers happier than usual.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Graphic








Judging from the recent trailer released for Advanced Warfare ( it almost looks like Sledgehammer is taking it to the next level with more futuristic attributes to weaponry and armor. The robotic arm extensions and leg extensions look sick and I was a little disappointed/excited when I saw the mini robo suit (titanfall came out pretty recently). The graphics don’t look as astounding as I always hope they will but this game looks like it has potential for an exciting new campaign and maybe a different approach to multiplayer similar to titanfall. In any case when I was reading some comments below the video I thought up and idea that will not make as much money as releasing a COD game every year; but instead it will give the series a much more respected and higher tier status among first person shooters.

Popular Concerns and Suggestions For The Future of Call of Duty

The thought I came up with was addressing these concerns: No one likes paying the same price of the game for the probably already completed map packs that they periodically release, graphics never experience that big of an improvement, campaigns are sometimes too short or not as good as they can be, and multiplayer remains only for those who are good enough to play it. My idea was this: Plan on releasing a game every 2 years to focus on quality, add more maps and content so that people won’t feel ripped off, improve graphics, add new dynamic modes of multiplayer in addition to old school style run and gun play, and charge 20-30$ more than usual with emphasis on all of the included content. By “dynamic modes” I mean actual missions that utilize multiplayer for both sides. (Example would be a blitzkrieg style mode where a team has to make it to a certain location in time carry out an assassination or other objective. The game would start with one team walking in from a random break room and the other repelling down from a helicopter. After that the two teams would soon engage in combat and the team that was dropped would have to try to make it to multiple check points with time limits starting each time they make it to a new one eventually leading them to the area where the person is they have to kill. The other team can actually block and interact with the person (at that stage) and then the game ends if they are able to escort him to a helicopter to get away. It would have to be a reasonable distance with him moving at a slow speed so that it wasn’t too cheap.)  I wanted to offer that example so that no one can just think that I am absentmindedly making suggestions without actual examples to back them up.



2 thoughts on “My Suggestion for Future Call of Duty Titles

  1. A Voice says:

    It’s difficult to remain on topic here because I don’t have much positive to say about the Call of Duty franchise, largely because I’m more a fan of FPS games that aren’t military-based and despite playing FPS games with military-style tactics. But to each their own.

    On topic, it seems that, sans the up-charge, your suggestions are sound. What I would add to that is that these things come with the base game and that DLC packs be meaty, however this is the sort of thing I would contend for most any game that has DLC. I’m just not a fan of DLC on the whole and I think that it borders on unethical in what’s become the standard implementation: money is earmarked during development for what inarguably can and arguably should be included with the game.

    Regular releases for games like CoD franchise suffer spectacularly because innovation is often much like that of a new Apple product, viz. just enough change to call it something new and different while coming out soon enough that, given more development time, it can and should be something spectacularly new and different. Too much, too soon, too fast and too anaemic upon release is the problem.

    With that in mind, I’d like to call your attention to this article ( on PCGamesN. If you suggestions were taken it stands to reason that, much like is said in the article, the playerbase will coalesce and because there is something meaty, of quality to gather around.

    As a final point, your notion of dynamic modes (multi-player or even single-player) is something that can really add quality replayability to games like this that naturally lend themselves toward it. Perhaps you’d agree that more time spent in the pre-production/conceptual development phase would result in the natural inclusion of ideas like this and a more robust and solidly developed title?

  2. Sorry I just got back to this. I read the article and I thought it made a very good point. If they united the multiplayer base for all future campaigns they could provide mere map pack expansion along with a campaign game for a cheaper price (for new titles). Yeah I got the idea from when you lose a game in titanfall. You don’t even care because the experience of getting in a spaceship and blasting off into space to escape the battlefield is so freaking awesome! If they did that it would give a much more visceral experience for multiplayer. They have such a big fan base that they could easily revolutionize fps multiplayer standards if they really took their time and created some high quality features.

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