Borderlands and my love of random gear

I’m just going to take a second to talk about my one of my favorite kinds of games. I love RPG’s but mostly, RPG’s with loot drops that make you feel like paradise. If you have ever played Borderlands then you know what I mean, there is a game on ios&android called Zenonia that plays off of random monster drops too. However I will be focusing my attention more on Borderlands.

Borderlands is great because not only does it give you your power-up skill tree, but a choice of whatever equipment you want with plenty of variations per equipment. You can choose grenades that deal decent damage but heal you for the damage done, you can pick grenades that teleport to wherever you aim and you can even pick grenades that blow into more grenades! Okay okay I’m getting ahead of myself here, all weapons equipment and stuff are ranked with a color.

Level 1 = White, rarity = 0-4.
Level 2 = Green, rarity = 5-10.
Level 3 = Blue, rarity = 11-15.
Level 4 = Purple, rarity = 16-49.
Level 5 = Light Orange, rarity = 50-60.
Level 6 = Orange, rarity = 61-65.
Level 7 = Dark Orange, rarity = 66-100.
Level 8 = Pearlescent, rarity = 101+

The beautiful part is you can get these drops from anyone you fight, though certain enemies grant higher probablility for better gear. This system constantly encourages boss raids and challenging youself with tougher enemies because you are always in search of that lucky orange drop! Purple drops and even blue feel good too but seeing an orange made my day everytime.

So what am I trying to get at here? If anyone sees this and has a say in how a game will be made please figure out a way to implement this system! Even when you are done and beat the game you will always crave better gear and subsequently you will play more. I just beat a wonderful Iphone game called Battleheart Legacy but…. I beat it. I got all the equipment and im really freakin strong. Not much incentive to play it anymore, but I can tell you for certain if there were ways to get better gear and maybe challenger tougher foes with that gear i’d be all over it.