My Top Anime & Manga

Right now I am just loving all sorts of series I definitely can’t rank them but here is my list of what you have to check out right now aside from Naruto, Bleach(manga), One Piece, Toriko, and Attack on Titan.


Psycho-PassAnother somewhat old show, this anime was amazing and at least for me, thought provoking. Tokyo is controlled by a computer system that can detect anyone who has a criminal potential so that said person can be detained and given therapy. Though it may sound like a nice idea the actual world itself is quite corrupt and there are many flaws with the system as pointed out in the show. I heard Psycho-Pass is getting a second season this fall so that’s why I’m bringing it up now!

Akame ga Kill: 

Akame ga Kill

Fantastic anime/manga that is constantly progressive and gives just the right amount of lightheartedness to contrast its pretty dark theme. Takes place in a fantasy world where a young king rules over an extremely corrupt capitol. Torture is a common thing for anyone who does anything wrong from speaking out, stealing, or simply being blamed for something by a higher official. If you like a badass protagonist that is also very sane and human this is the series for you!






Tokyo Ghoul: 

Tokyo Ghoul I just discovered this show the other day and am now caught up in the manga. This series is extremely progressive as well as extremely violent and gory. If you love seeing limbs fly and following a protagonist that doesn’t just whine all the time about getting stronger this is it. (He does whine a bit but not nearly to the same degree as other series) Warning! (Reading and/or watching this series may make you feel like an unstoppable badass.)



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