Modern Woodworking Idea: Metal & Wood

Recently after reading an article about the difficulties of woodworking in modern society against such entities like IKEA, I thought of the perfect niche design. One of the most beautiful synergies with furniture and art design (sometimes one in the same) is metal & wood. These two elements mesh perfectly and almost always create a stunning piece of art when implemented together. Just check out these images I found of some products that have these attributes below.





Just absolutely gorgeous pieces right? Lots of individual-made furniture or art costs a lot of money because of all the time they put in to their products. I don’t have anything against them or believe they are unfairly priced, but when you can get something that is a little lower quality but a fraction of the price then I will have to go with the cheaper alternative since there sometimes aren’t many aesthetic differences. If I were to spend extra money on a piece of furniture I would want to go with something like the designs above because they are more unique than most pure wood designs.