Pride as a Planet

Here’s some food for thought:

I watched a video earlier today about astronauts and their changed viewpoints of the world after going into space and seeing our earth from a different perspective. They called it the “Overview Effect” and opened my eyes a little more to how amazing our planet is. It also made me think this extremely improbable thought: What if every human on earth gained a sort of “earth pride” for the world we live in? Instead of “US is the best!” we’d see everyone on different continents saying “Earth is the best”! It would unify humanity so much more to have a common denominator to be proud of!

The astronauts also talked about how they experienced a deeper understanding of how the earth is so fragile and that we ought to treat it better. So I came up with the idea to send all of our politicians and major authorities in the world up into space to develop a common ground of saving the world. If we as the human race poured all the resources we allocate towards military (not police) into finding sustainable, environmentally friendly sources of energy, I’m sure we could find a replacement to fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint. How great would that be? 

You can find the video here