The Universe

What is god? & The Universe

Last night me and one of my best friends had one of my favorite kinds of discussions, philosophy about existence and the universe. While we were talking we got to a point where god naturally came into play. What is god? I believe god is energy. I also think that people believe in god because they need some sort of “end” to the mystery of why we, earth, our galaxy, the universe exists. As humans we crave cause and effect, we can’t stand to watch a movie and not know if the main character has achieved his goal. Even as kids we all want to know “why”, and if our parents can’t answer that question we get frustrated. So if you wonder why everything has happened that led up to the present you will never have a concrete answer. The big bang is something that I believe in and will get to later, but for now it is hard to comprehend why it might have occurred. However it is very easy to give something a blame for it.

God did it, he created everything and we are his chosen creations of consciousness. How comforting is that sentence? You now have a reason to be proud of your existence, have an end reason why everything happened, and don’t have to put energy into solving the biggest mystery of all! Unfortunately for me, I can’t accept that. In the grand scheme of things I have already accepted that my life really means nothing. If I died, the rest of the world will be unaffected, and if the earth died, the rest of the universe would be unaffected. I am a dot on a dot in a dot from the perspective of the whole universe. I don’t mind that though, I will live my life to its utmost potential and try my hardest to enjoy it. My friend on the other hand, can’t accept that. He admitted that since he knows he is so inconsequential, believing there is some form of god out there is comforting to him. Very wise of him to accept that, I admire him for it.

What about heaven and hell or any equivalent in religion? I think those are means of comfort to people who can’t stay sane when they think about death. Honestly it terrifies me and I wish I could believe in a “heaven”, but how likely is that? I think aside from being a good way to control a society and keep order through the basic principles of motivation/reward and fear/punishment, these places people believe they will go to after death are just means of comfort.

The final thing I have to say in this post is my opinion on the universe. I believe that the big bang did happen and that it is part of an unfathomably long lasting “cycle”. What happens is after the universe’s expansion comes to a stop, the outer-rim is actually a shell of black hole. So after it expands it starts to contract and when the whole entirety of the universe finally is compiled again, it blows up and repeats. It doesn’t seem too far fetched does it?

Life is crazy and no one knows why things happen the way they do. But if you don’t feel good thinking about how small you are on a universal scale, just remember: in terms of physics, you matter! =)

-(typed this on my iphone so if there are spelling mistakes you know why!)